prince-kuraudo-deactivated20140 asked:
Hey lovely! Where did you get the fabric 06 texture, just out of curiosity? I am very eager to try your brushes because they are gorgeous but I can't seem to find that!

it actually came in with sai when i first got it! im sorry i can’t be of more help ;;;

匿名 asked:
Hellllooooo! Omg i looooooveee your art!!! Why don't you make a tuto?! I want to see your artprocess :3333

omfg my lost child how did you end up here HAHAHA jkjk i think my art’s pretty standard and similar to other beginner tutorials? so i don’t bother making one ^q^ but thank you!

匿名 asked:
Hello~~ I wonder, what are your sai brush setting? (≧∇≦)

hello! ^Q^ this is for pencil sketching, and when i’m lining i just remove the brush and texture, and i use the same for coloring too


wee-niz asked:
how do you do that soft like glow blur htingy on your digi arts

I copy the layer and then blur it in photoshop and put it under the original layer u v u